Nina Dauban | Midwifery of the future

If you have fallen in love with playing your part as an agent of change
If you have courted that destiny to make yourself fit to serve
If you are married to the mission without compromise
If you have consummated that communion with others of kind
Then you will be pregnant with the future and in need of midwifery

If your willing readiness is wobbled by the occasional glimpse of
‘life will never be the same again’
If your excitement is thrilled to witness the new theatres of humanity
If the reality looms large that this is going to be on Its Terms not yours
Then know that birth is visiting you, nudging you into alignment

As some of the pixels of evolutions canvass become clear
A new oxygen liberates the creativity of all who breathe deep
Know you are lining the womb with the guarantee of your standards
And decorating the nursery with every brush stroke of devotion

When the stretch comes and you reach to meet its requirement
The midwife provides you with the assurance that you were born to this
She knows that the fruits of your labour will bring blessings beyond imagination
Her confidence and gentle authority makes you feel safe and that all is well

In the final hours as the enormity of evolution emerges from its plasma
The midwife covers you in the presence of connected stillness
The lone state is never to be felt again as You are born into your Universal destiny
a homecoming and unification with all life and Love itself.

Nina_Dauban_croppedNina Dauban is chief executive of Nottinghamshire Community Foundation, a local charity that brings together the financial resources of individuals, families, and businesses to support grassroots community projects. Having worked in the nonprofit sector for 30 years, Nina is passionate about the birth of a new humanity and building our “Communiverse” (new communities at a universal level). She is a midwife of the future among many others and loves to  encourage people into their next stage – the liberation of their brilliance.

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