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October Movies You Might’ve Missed on Diversity

THERE ARE MANY FILMS that celebrate diversity—because the struggle of an individual who is “different” to find his or her place in world is a common theme in “the hero’s journey,” the classic storytelling archetype. From The Ugly Duckling to Slumdog Millionaire to A League of Their Own to 42, some of the world’s favorite stories are those that tell of an outsider’s struggle for acceptance—and triumph. The MOON recommends […]

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Into the Wild

September Movies You Might’ve Missed

The Edge of Eden: Living with Grizzlies This 2006 documentary, produced and directed by Jeff and Sue Turner, showcases the life and work of Charlie Russell as he raises orphaned grizzly bear cubs in the wilderness of Russia’s Southern Kamchatka peninsula.  Becoming their surrogate mother, Russell struggles to keep his cubs alive and teach them everything they need to survive in the wild. Through flashbacks, we learn with Russell from […]

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Food, Inc.

Movies You Might’ve Missed

Though food is a favorite topic for feature filmmakers—from Babette’s Feast to Eat, Pray, Love–The MOON focuses on several excellent documentaries made in recent years that shed light on the current controversial state of our food system. Super Size Me (2004) is a documentary directed by and starring Morgan Spurlock, an American independent filmmaker, who undertakes a thirty-day experiment eating only McDonald’s food—three times a day, consuming every item on […]

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Trouble the Water

The Hero’s Journey

Thousands of movies have been made on the theme of overcoming adversity. In fact, “the hero’s journey,” in which a reluctant protagonist is thrown out of his routine existence and into a heroic undertaking that threatens his life, reveals his strengths, and transforms him for the better, is a classic movie-making formula. The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Avatar, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Beverly Hills Cop are all […]

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