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January movies you might’ve missed | Spiritual politics

There are political films and spiritual films, but relatively few that explore the intersection between the two. Two classics come to mind—Gandhi and Seven Years in Tibet—which no doubt many readers have seen. However, three of the most powerful films that explicitly engage the intersection of spirituality and politics are the trilogy of documentaries by Canadian filmmaker Velcrow Ripper: Scared Sacred, Fierce Light, and Occupy Love. Scared Sacred is a […]

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December Movies You Might’ve Missed

There are countless films that chronicle the difficult delivery of something new—be it a new social order, a new government, a new invention, a new way of doing something. I’m thinking of films like Gandhi, Pollock, and even Tucker. But because this page is devoted to “Movies You Might’ve Missed,” I’d like to mention one—The Times of Harvey Milk—that portrays the work of an individual to change the status quo […]

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John of God

November Movies You Might’ve Missed

I DON’T KNOW whether it’s sad or silly that most movies about the possibility of life after death are horror movies–or at best, romances, like the Demi Moore- and Patrick Swayze-starring “Ghost.” Rare exceptions include Movies You Probably Saw “Flatliners” and “The Sixth Sense.” Although the latter portrayed “the undead” in rather terrifying ways, it made the point that these spirits were not malevolent; they were seeking help. The two […]

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October Movies You Might’ve Missed on Diversity

THERE ARE MANY FILMS that celebrate diversity—because the struggle of an individual who is “different” to find his or her place in world is a common theme in “the hero’s journey,” the classic storytelling archetype. From The Ugly Duckling to Slumdog Millionaire to A League of Their Own to 42, some of the world’s favorite stories are those that tell of an outsider’s struggle for acceptance—and triumph. The MOON recommends […]

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