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Two dolphins

Judith Simon Prager | What the dolphin said

Apollo speaks… Sharing is caring:

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The MOON on 21st Century Radio!

Dr. Zohara Hieronimus interviewed yours truly for an hour on her “it’s all about soul” radio show on Sunday, September 24, 2017. Here’s the recording…sans commercials! Sharing is caring:

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The birth, history, and power of the MOON

There are several amazing videos on the birth and history of the MOON, as well as NASA videos of lunar and solar eclipses. Here are two to enjoy. Here is the trailer for a powerful BBC program entitled “Do we really need the Moon?” (The visualization of the first molten Moonrise over Earth alone is worth the three-minute investment): Unfortunately, the complete program only plays on the BBC player, which […]

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Films on basic income

Two documentaries–one feature length and one short–illustrate the principles and possibilities of unconditional basic income. Basic Income: The Movie is a full-length documentary created by IDEMBasel as a basis for discussion preceding the 2016 Swiss referendum for a Basic Income to be included in the Constitution. (The referendum lost, but succeeded in raising national awareness about the concept and how it might work. Its sponsors say they will try again.) The […]

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