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The Earth speaks | The artwork of Andy Peterson

Born in 1955 in Shelton, Washington, Andy Wilbur Peterson is a member of the Skokomish (Twana) tribe, a group of Salish-speaking people living on Hood Canal, Washington. As a teenager, Andy helped gather materials with two well-known basket-makers, Louisa Pulsifer and Emily Miller. Through this experience, and inspired by a tour of a museum exhibiting Northwest Coast art, Andy began exploring his people’s traditional art in its various forms. In […]

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Harriet Tubman

Robert Shetterly | Americans Who Tell the Truth

Below are a few of the portraits contributor Robert Shetterly has painted for his Americans Who Tell the Truth series. Each portrait includes a quote from the person painted. For the complete collection visit:   Sharing is caring:

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Caught on video: Animals–aware and feeling!

Each of the two videos that follow reveal remarkable capabilities of animals–capabilities we have historically denied them. For that reason, they inspire sadness, as well as wonder. The elephant in Thailand who, as many viewers have commented, “Paints better than I do,” is reduced to performing “stupid human tricks” for his or her livelihood. The rats who delight in being tickled(!) nevertheless spend their lives the subject of laboratory experiments. […]

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