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Larry Carter | An empowering moment

The year was 1968 and all eyes were on the summer Olympics. I was on an extended summer vacation due to the teachers’ strike in New York City. Being me, I was not too sad about the strike; in fact I rather enjoyed my extended summer break. I was a fourteen-year-old athlete and involved myself in playing a lot of football, basketball and baseball. I enjoyed the World Series games […]

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Somaly Mam | Something in me has always been a fighter

I’ve had a hard time facing the subject of human trafficking. Surely we ended slavery a century ago, I told myself. Perhaps activists were overstating the case, using a provocative term, “slavery,” to compel our attention. Then Somaly Mam received a CNN Hero award in 2006 and a primetime national TV audience was introduced to a former sex slave transformed into a radiant survivor, doing daily battle on behalf of […]

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Claudine Nash

Claudine Nash | You wasted nothing

You wasted nothing. You breathed energy into the ozone, recycling atoms of spent oxygen into pockets of positively charged air. Micro moments were deemed thrilling things, snow and sand flecks of thin but wondrous matter. You savored day’s existence, wiping clean near empty slates, prizing every piece of light that wrapped around each eyelash. You didn’t spend an instant nursing anything but exuberance, spilling anything into the atmosphere that wasn’t […]

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Gregory David Roberts

Gregory David Roberts | Escape from maximum security

I ESCAPED FROM PRISON in broad daylight, as they say, at one o’clock in the afternoon, over the front wall and between two gun-towers. The plan was intricate and meticulously executed, up to a point, but the escape really succeeded because it was daring and desperate. The bottom line for us, once we started, was that the plan had to succeed. If it failed, the guards in the punishment unit […]

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