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Dennis W. Schwesinger

Dennis J. Schwesinger | We meet again

A gorgon haled me when I walked across the pasture. It had eaten a cow I loved, asked me what I thought I might do about it. I shrugged. He was a giant gorgon and strode away jerking side to side with laughter.   We dream sometimes of things we can’t remember: a strange place, another lifetime. I never loved a cow and Don’t believe in gorgons. But it was […]

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Movies You Might’ve Missed | Impossible is Nothing

Blindsight is the movie that inspired our interview with Sabriye Tenberken. A stunning film directed by the superbly talented Lucy Walker, Blindsight introduces us to Tenberken as a young blind woman traveling through Tibet to recruit students for her school for the blind in Lhasa—the country’s first and only school for blind children. Because many Tibetans believe that blindness is a curse for sins in a previous incarnation, blind children […]

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