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Pamela Smith

Pamela Burditt | Release

I entered the dark, heated room, placed my mat on the floor, and readied myself for another guided meditation class. A circle of candles in the middle of the room was the only light source. Our mats were placed around them, like rays of the sun, our heads at the center. The instructor began speaking. Her voice was low and smooth and reminded me of dark chocolates. Lying on my […]

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Varsha Mathrani

Varsha Mathrani | Malaria’s Lessons

In May 2012, I traveled to Uganda intending to serve for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer. After ten weeks of training in language and technical skills and getting sworn in as a community health volunteer, I moved to the small town of Bugiri to start life with a new community. Within a week of my arrival, I fell sick with malaria. Low energy and emotions were just two […]

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Edgar S. Cahn | Time Banking: A currency based on community

Time Banking was invented 30-plus years ago as a means of counteracting the cuts in social programs that took place during the Reagan years. It has enjoyed growing popularity during the current recession, enabling the unemployed, who are long on time, to acquire services they can’t afford to pay for. And Time Banking may yet provide a transition to a more equitable, sustainable economy by creating a medium of exchange […]

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Leslee Goodman

Leslee Goodman | Talk is rich

As noted on the Welcome page, this issue of The MOON magazine celebrates CommUNITY—those ways that people are working to counter the forces of impersonalization and disconnect that contribute to Americans being among the leading consumers of antidepressants on the planet. In days gone by, most people lived in families and communities that stayed pretty much intact throughout one’s lifetime. Even employment was often for life, so there wasn’t much […]

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