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The future is quantum | An interview with Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll spent the first 20 years of his professional life as an audio engineer, after graduating from California Western University with a business and economics degree. That reputation has faded however, as he has become known around the world for his books, lectures, and presentations of the wisdom of a non-physical entity by the name of Kryon. I stumbled upon the Kryon books about 10 years ago, when a […]

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Anne Harding Woodworth | Quantum

The smallest book among my miniatures is an unreadable New Testament. 224 pages, 1” by 1½”, and its 3rd dimension— the spine— is 3/8 of an inch. Are there other dimensions? When I hold the book I measure that trinity. Any more than three would be the stuff of flash fiction, like the New Testament itself, Jesus stories that contradict each other and hide in the microcosm of their settings, […]

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Laurinda Lind | Selected poems

By the Numbers, for the Numbers Cost a million, make a million in algorithms-to-go. Watson uncovers your preexisting condition, Watson finds what you said in a fit of rage on Facebook but thought you had erased right away, Watson archives the things your mitochondria mutter to themselves. Already Watsons are bankers, brand consultants, insurance adjustors. It won’t be long before our government of gigabytes. Best now to learn to say […]

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