The future is quantum | An interview with Lee Carroll

Lee CarrollLee Carroll spent the first 20 years of his professional life as an audio engineer, after graduating from California Western University with a business and economics degree. That reputation has faded however, as he has become known around the world for his books, lectures, and presentations of the wisdom of a non-physical entity by the name of Kryon.

I stumbled upon the Kryon books about 10 years ago, when a family emergency prompted me to deliver all of my beloved spiritual books to my brother, and I then found myself with nothing inspirational to read…except for three books in my husband’s collection, all by someone named Kryon. (Book One: The End Times; Book Two: Don’t Think Like a Human; Book Three: The Alchemy of the Human Spirit).

I’d never heard of Kryon before. Yet I found the books so meaningful, they literally changed my life. In them, Kryon said that human beings “had passed a marker,” were not going to destroy themselves or the planet, and that they could, in fact, help heal the Earth with their consciousness. Empowered by the notion of change that was within my power to effect, I sought out an indigenous elder for shamanic training and subsequently completed the Inca Medicine Wheel, another shamanic training program.

Events of the last year (2016) were so troubling, however, from our toxic national election to the bad news about climate change, species extinction, and armed conflict across the planet, that I wondered whether Kryon was still optimistic about humanity’s future. So I picked up the most recent Kryon book, The Recalibration of Humanity, channeled in 2012 and 2013, and found out that, indeed, he is. 

Although Kryon doesn’t grant media interviews, Carroll was kind enough to speak on his behalf for readers of The MOON. Carroll is the first to acknowledge that the information that comes through him from Kryon is not his (Carroll’s) own. Carroll has no training in physics, or even metaphysics, except that which he has received during the last 26 years through Kryon. Like me, Carroll has found the information profound and meaningful, and much of it has been subsequently confirmed by scientific discoveries and world events. Yet Kryon emphasizes that his teachings are not prophecies. They are readings of potentialities made likely by our own—human—advances. For this, Kryon congratulates us and reminds us, shocking as it seems, that humans are dearly loved.

Carroll has now published 16 titles, including 3 books on The Indigo Children, and nearly a million copies of Kryon books in 24 languages worldwide (Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Hebrew, Danish, Italian, Greek, Korean, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Japanese, Dutch, Finnish, Slovene, Estonian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Romanian and Turkish). He travels around the world to channel Kryon to gatherings of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people.

For readers who would like to know more, thousands of hours of additional channeling are available on the Kryon website and in the Kryon books. – Leslee Goodman

The MOON: Who, or what, is Kryon?

Carroll: Kryon is a multidimensional, non-physical entity; an angelic entity. Look, I’m an engineer, and 27 years ago when Kryon approached me and wanted to speak through me, I fought it. I didn’t want to become known as some airy-fairy New Age person, some “channeler.” Engineers are based in logic. I also didn’t want to be “taken over,” or, in other words, leave my body while Kryon used it. But eventually Kryon won me over because his energy is just so powerfully loving. The love I felt from him was undeniable. Plus, he assured me that he would respect my wishes—that logic, evidence, would be provided and that I could stay present. We would “partner.” That’s what he calls me, his partner.

I’m referring to Kryon as “he,” primarily because I’m a he so when Kryon speaks through me he sounds male, and because our language doesn’t have a gender-neutral pronoun other than “it,” which typically refers to inanimate objects, and Kryon is not inanimate! However there’s no gender on the other side of the veil, and Kryon’s information—his voice, his energy—are well-balanced between masculine and feminine. In fact, Kryon often refers to himself as a “collective.”

Kryon said he chose me as his partner primarily because I agreed to this “assignment” before I was born. I “had a contract,” as he says, a life task, but, like every human, I also have free will. I could have chosen not to do it. Kryon said his other reason for choosing me was that I had no former training—or interest—in metaphysics, which meant Kryon wouldn’t have to overcome my own opinions and biases—except, of course, the bias that I didn’t want anything to do with channeling. It actually took over three years for me to understand and agree to our partnership.

The MOON: Kryon always introduces himself as “Kryon…of Magnetic Service.” What does he mean by that?

Carroll: It’s only been in the last decade that I’ve been able to really understand that. The “service” part is easy: Kryon communicates in order to be of service to humanity. He begins and ends each message reiterating how much humanity is loved—throughout the cosmos—a fact that is hard for most of us to accept. But Kryon’s one recurring theme is that love is the most powerful and pervasive force in the entire Universe. It can also be referred to as consciousness. It is responsive, benevolent energy that fills the space between electrons, atoms, molecules, and intergalactic space. It is literally “the stuff” that holds everything together. We’re all embedded in it. Kryon often says that love is not being recognized for its power and is not being used by us correctly. That’s why he is communicating with us now—to help us understand the necessary balance between spiritual and scientific thinking. He says that science—indeed, humans—are limited by three-dimensional thinking, but the universe is not limited to three dimensions. It is multidimensional.

“Magnetic” refers to the magnetic grid, which Kryon tells us is necessary for life on the planet. Our planet’s magnetic field was placed here for our health—and for our spiritual evolution. He says to look around—and not just in our own solar system; not all planets have magnetic fields. Kryon says that those that do, often have life—or will have had life, or will soon have life.

He also reminds us that our brains use electrical impulses to communicate, and that our entire body—from nerves to muscles—functions electrochemically. This means every organ in our bodies is magnetically charged (polarized) and sensitive to outside fields. This is a reason that humans should shield themselves from artificial magnetic grids, which are all around us because of our ubiquitous use of electricity. I’m telling you this to illustrate that Kryon’s message about magnetics having a biological function is not esoteric. Other scientists—such as those at the Global Coherence Initiative—are investigating the interplay of magnetics on human physical and emotional health.

The magnetic field also responds to our spiritual evolution, which is why the progress we have made throughout history recently has caused shifts in the magnetic grid, which will further accelerate our spiritual evolution. Although our science can readily demonstrate the electromagnetic properties of our bodies, it is just now progressing to the point that it can demonstrate the connection between magnetics and spirituality, as well. Kryon says that a major part of the “service” he provides is to adjust the magnetic grid to honor and now accelerate our evolution.

According to Kryon, the spiritual sciences of the universe are logical, predictable, and are based on numbers and formulas that always work. They involve a marriage of the physical and the spiritual, and proper implementation brings about consistent, observable results. In fact, Kryon says that “the Creative Source is the master physicist of the universe.” Kryon is here to help us grasp these things and says that our science will leap forward in a spectacular manner when we achieve this balance.



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  1. Jean Zellweger February 7, 2017 at 3:27 pm #

    Oh my God! Reading Carroll’s (Kryon’s words) filled me with such hope! The “hope”, the assurance about the planet that I had prior to the election. To be reassured that what is taking place is a part of the process the planet and its’ inhabitants are going through is of great relief for me. Thank you Moon. Thank you Mr Carroll.

  2. Angelique June 10, 2017 at 11:40 pm #

    Absolutely beautiful… I love Kryon’s messages… Thank you…

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