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Joe Cottonwood | Quantum poetry

Boy, Almost Six You are five or as you say, almost six. You have a toolbox like me. You read books in bed like me. You even make up poems like me. I am thirty-five which is almost forty. I wish I could cry like you and scream at people when I’m angry like you and heal my wounds with a blanket like you. With your eyes through which I […]

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Yuxing Xia | Poems to save the world

The Multiplex Farm Picture the border of a farm twisted above your head in a flat plain— and so, the layers of Earth stacked one by one like deformed lego pieces. And we lived on the 14th floor where the air is thick with dew. The places where we walked did not touch the ground: Ground was everywhere. Ground was nowhere. and so the grass patches spiral upward toward the […]

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Amit Goswami, Ph.D. | The answer to everything is quantum

Almost 100 years have passed since the complete mathematical formulation of  quantum physics. It has been verified by myriad experiments and its concepts have been successfully applied in many technologies. Indeed, we have begun to use the word “quantum” in our daily discourse—often without fully understanding its deeper meaning. And yet, despite its effective integration into our society, the quantum worldview has still not been fully accepted by the scientific […]

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Leea Glasheen | Cuperport

“All docking stations start to look alike.” Jorian heaved his backpack off his right shoulder and let it clunk onto the nicked and furrowed polycarbonate platform. Two months ago, Clarie would have protested with “the germs!” or “the thieves!,” but living on the conduit and staying in hostels in less than ideal ports had lowered her standards, or maybe she was just too fatigued to think about it. “Second time […]

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