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Rebekah L. Fraser | Stories we tell

My mother comes at me with the book spread open wide. She is pointing to a picture. She is yelling, face contorted by fear. Eyes wide. This is my introduction to the history of art, and it is my introduction to sex. I am six years old. For many years I will regard this moment as traumatizing. I will tell myself that the event shouldn’t have happened. The story I […]

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Suzanne Cottrell | Not enough time

Wishing I could slow down the passage of time, Needing to tell her one more thing. My mind, a blur of thoughts, like the fluttering of hummingbird wings. She lay motionless, I knew the urgency, but I couldn’t bring my words into focus. Unable to adjust the camera’s aperture. Her eyes closed; her grasp weakened. I needed her to know I never thought it was her fault. I should have […]

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Stefan J. Broidy | Why they fight

                                          Though she’s dressed for the theater, and sang to herself with pleasure ten minutes before; he goes suddenly surly, without a reason. She chides him cheerfully, gently cajoles, and then again; but he’s fractious and cross. She feels herself flare, and paints him as ass in vivid detail. So, […]

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Cristina M. R. Norcross | When we strive together

Please forgive yourself. You are a plant in need of water. Learn to celebrate your leaves, your roots, and each new growth just beginning to unfurl. Expectation drains too much, like a funnel drawing things away from the soil. Please forgive your tender self— the one who is still healing— the one who shrinks from unkind words and needs time to rebuild. Nurture the inner structure of connected meridian lines. […]

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