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Violet Benge | Sage

In the thickening dusk the smell of the hickory smoke lingered high and true. My mother’s cabin lay naked in the clearing. I saw it with someone else’s eyes as I tried to become myself for this final moment. The flap covering the cabin door was stiff and awkward as I pulled it back. My brother always had to dip his head to come inside, but I was a girl, […]

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Lucinda Cummings | How to live through the sudden death of your beloved son

Ache. Every time an image of your son floats across your mind, feel the dark hole that opens up next to your heart. Experience the new knowledge that “heartache” is not just a metaphor, but a physical condition of the deepest kind. Recall how you carried this boy in your womb. Now you carry his absence, from your belly through your chest, and into your heart. A black void that […]

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Warren Paul Glover | Scared

I am scared I might die, suddenly. Of a heart attack. Me…no more. I’m afraid of leaving behind my wife who, through laughter, has brought joy into my life. I tried suicide once, you see. But I’m very happy that I failed miserably. I sat in the bath, in my situational crisis, sobbing my guts out and urging myself on to throw the electric appliance – a clock radio, since […]

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Nicholas Johnson | Your Big Day

Every painful gasp pushed the encroaching darkness away before it drew back slightly tighter than the last time. The colors of the room became bright and saturated. The dull pink walls bled into the white tile floor. What felt like a knife was twisting in his chest, while thousands of burning needles repeatedly stabbed him in the arm. He splashed some cold water from the sink onto his burning face, […]

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