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Christine Kendall | The Feast

Ravens issue the invitation—a raucous one— throaty voices calling over and over, their circling flight provides the address; some sit on fence posts awaiting their turn but call out—oh, how delectable the feast— in the deep snow a trail of blood, is evidence of the coyote’s last steps near the base of a hill off Upper Beaver Creek.   Party crashers come:  magpies, eagles— the golden takes his place at […]

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Winged Migration

Amazing animals

There are hundreds of great movies about animals—although perhaps more of them appear on public television and the Internet than in movie theaters. Fictionalized accounts of animal heroism, such as The Black Stallion and The Incredible Journey, have been popular among children and the young at heart for decades. In recent years, documentaries like March of the Penguins and the incredible Blue Planet series, have informed audiences of the real-life feats […]

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Antoinetta Lilly

Antonietta Lilly | Invitation from a White Whale

For the past several years I have been exposed to vast amounts of information about whales and dolphins. A network of organizations, such as Save the Whales, Greenpeace, Dolphin Embassy, etc., has formed across the country. People everywhere are interested in what they sense are joyful beings, and they want to know more about them. They come to my husband, John Lilly, for advice and information because he was the […]

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Lorraine Caputo for web

Lorraine Caputo | Red Sky at Morning

I. The silence of the departing night is broken by rooster crows & grackle song   Coconut palm trees shadowdance in the breeze that smells of sea   Magenta clouds drape the western mountains like voile across the sky washed indigo   II. School of dolphins breaks the surface of rippling blue- silver bay   Overhead pelicans fly in a straight line across the sunset sky pale peach, pale rose […]

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