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Ram Nag | Ego, desire, and evolution

Ego and desire Ego and desire Are the twin roads to hell. They distract man, Lure him with lowly gifts And lead him away From his destined goal. Nobody, born on earth Is immune to their charms. Showering promises of Power, wealth and pleasure, They lead man To his ultimate destruction. Now I know why End is spelt that way E’n’D. *** From stone to man I was a stone, […]

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Sharif Gemie | Inside the circle

That was the afternoon when it all got too much. I mean, we’d heard a lot from them before. Push this here, pull that there, find this, carry that. And they never agree among themselves, so what is the priority? It’s clear they’ve got no idea what they’re doing. Last year’s big idea is quietly forgotten, this year’s big idea will mean re-building, more labor, more effort… And who’s doing […]

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Shannon Patch | Bird

“Roberta where are you today?” She peered up at Charles, the stylist, with her one good eye. His blonde hair stood straight up in spikes and a little heart-shaped diamond glistened in his right ear. She tried to think of a funny quip, but nothing came to her unruly mind. She looked back at the mirror as Charles snipped at her hair, the silver scissors clicking away. If she couldn’t […]

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Sally Sandler | Selected poems

Deep Forest Wind I long to hear the ancient wind that sighs throughout the tops of old forest trees and fills the primal canopy of leaves with melancholy echoes—hollow, high. The history of the world is in this wind. The force we cannot see is yet so vast it’s touched every present, every past and secret since before the dawn of man. To hear the wind’s bellows fill the sky […]

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