Ram Nag | Ego, desire, and evolution

Ego and desire

Ego and desire
Are the twin roads to hell.
They distract man,
Lure him with lowly gifts
And lead him away
From his destined goal.
Nobody, born on earth
Is immune to their charms.
Showering promises of
Power, wealth and pleasure,
They lead man
To his ultimate destruction.
Now I know why
End is spelt that way


From stone to man

I was a stone, an unyielding rock,
A clod of soil was too I.
I was a plant, the fruit-bearing tree.
I was the animal roaming free.
I was the plankton, and the fish,
I was the whistling dolphin once.
In the coming dawns of time,
I shall be the future species.
I shall be, too, God one day.
Time’s stylus wrote my story
On the scroll of space unwinding.
At this juncture, on this earth,
I now wear a human mask.
But I’m an actor in a play,
Many a role I do essay,
Being human is just one,
Know me, I am the deathless soul.

Ram Nag explores the material, philosophical and spiritual aspects of life through his poems, which reflect his belief that the natural state of man is joy and all our efforts to acquire and keep pace with others distance us from our natural state. Contact him at rampoem@yahoo.com.


































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