Sojourner Kincaid Rolle | Honoring the sanctity of life

Conscious mothers
know what gift
they give the world;
know what precious bundle
they deliver.
Others sometimes wonder
what miracle creates
a human being;
long to understand
what manifests
a beating heart
what grand design
defines our self.
we follow the light
toward quiet
and gentle birth.
In a world of chaos
an oasis of serenity
where order resides
where love overwhelms.
Here new life emerges
slides through the shielded tunnel
into the realm of unconditional life
embraces the first light
Here into the arms of tranquility
wrapped in the aroma of assurance
cradled in the soothing rhapsody
engaged with smiling eyes
the first suck of tempered air
the first touch of a like being
the first outstretching
unbound and perfect.



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