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Timothy O’Leary | Homeless Gary Busey

Ian Davis was an orderly man.  His closets, length and style-organized on color-coded hangers with pleasing symmetry. His refrigerator was stocked with food logically structured by height and food type, anything with pending expiration dates moved to the front. His workday uniform rotated between identical Banana Republic chinos and blue denim shirts. Monday through Friday at 7:15 a.m., he commenced the twenty-minute walk to work, first filling his NPR mug, […]

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DC Diamondopolous | Boots

The same sun scorched downtown Los Angeles that had seared the Iraq desert. Army Private First Class Samantha Cummings stood at attention holding a stack of boxes, her unwashed black hair slicked back in a ponytail and knotted military style. She stared out from Roberts Shoe Store onto Broadway, transfixed by a homeless man with hair and scraggly beard the color of ripe tomatoes. She’d only seen that hair color […]

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Antonia Schuster | Escape

The plane has just crossed the coast. The dark gold land below, drenched now in long shadows, has given way to an ethereal blue, a dreamy blue which feels like a sigh of relief. The map on the screen shows they’ve flown over Derby and are now in the vast reaches of the Indian Ocean. She sits unmoving and her eyes are wavering and blurring with the sleeplessness of the […]

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William J. Watkins, Jr. | A jury of his peers

GARLAND BREAZEALE heard the front door close as his secretary Nettie Lawrence left the office for the day. Just six months ago, Nettie had become Garland’s first full-time employee. During the previous five years of his law practice in Hampton Falls, Garland had done well to keep a part-time secretary busy. His work then consisted of drafting an occasional will or simple contract. Slowly, he picked up more business as […]

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