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Rennie Walker | The Goddess And The Big Bang

The First Book of Stars | Chapter I, Verse I Once upon a time, in the beginning, for that is when all stories begin, before Time Herself, there was the Big Bang (BB) that had not yet happened (THNYH), waiting for Herself to open. “Timelessness BBB” (before BB) is how it is more formally known and written by those who work with such matters. This was before water (BW). But, […]

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Madeline McEwen | Jealous of daylight

“Insecure people only eclipse your sun because they’re jealous of your daylight and tired of their dark, starless nights.”                                                 — Shannon L. Alder On a sunny Saturday in August, Babs McVitie, aged seventeen and of no fixed abode, shutdown her laptop in the air-conditioned library. Within […]

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Steve Price | Where the moon gets its light

Long ago when the Earth was young and not quite old, the Creator of all things set about the task of creating the universe. He created Sun and gave him his fire, for Sun is the life force for all living things. He keeps the Earth warm and commands the day. The Creator then formed the stars in the heavens to tell the seasons and the future. They have a […]

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Rodolph Rowe | A show of strength

Sabine greeted the last of the lingering parishioners at the front door. As she came past the Welcome! kiosk on the way to her office, she picked up a handful of brochures that had been prepared to introduce her to the church and community. She’d meant for many, many months to send some of the extras to her mom in Gainesboro who would distribute them to family and friends with […]

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