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James Norris | Angel of death

Chapter 1 – The Hiker – Ante Mortem Tears fell from her cheeks like the raindrops falling from the dark, swollen clouds that obscured the sky from horizon to horizon. Her gray, tattered, ankle-length dress whipped about her in the wind, and was soaked through. But her long, dark hair lay dry as though there was no wind or rain. Indeed, no rain touched her skin, not where her simple […]

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Margaret Karmazin | Premonition

Mia Osborne reached for her husband, but he was already climbing out of bed. “Gotta get going,” he said. “It’s four o’clock; you go back to sleep. I’ll feed Posey.” Mia sat up, still grabbing at his arm. “Don’t go,” she said. “I had a dream. Please, it’s not going to turn out well…if you go, you won’t come back.” “What?” he said irritably. “I don’t have time for dream […]

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Ian Woollen | Muir Woods or bust

The two men emerged from the car and cautiously approached the steps to the porch. Marvella’s eyes flickered with recognition. The rest of her regal bearing gave away nothing. Large and in charge. The rocking chair creaked. “Marvella, what happened to all your cows?” Doyle asked. “We didn’t see any cows on the way in.” “Sickness from the electrical towers,” Marvella answered. “Of course, you were long gone when the […]

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Joseph Richard Goldman | The migrant

Rachel was just twenty-eight in 1946 when she arrived by boat and bus to postwar Baltimore. Willowy in figure, with alert eyes which showed an age much older than her years, Rachel looked about her with an intensity most strangers found uncomfortable. She had good reason. At Sobibor one always looked around and about in hopes of fending off death. Grateful for the kind people from the Jewish Agency who […]

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