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X.H. Collins | The foreign devil

The Foreign Devil was called so because no one knew what his real name was and because he did not look like anyone else in town, Han or Tibetan. Years later, when I saw a picture book of Santa Claus, I thought to myself, “If Santa Claus would lose so much weight that his cheeks were sunken rather than plump, that his color was grayish rather than rosy, and, if […]

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Julie Anne Thorndyke | The cave

I hadn’t expected there would really be a cave. It was a legend, a family myth, a story Dad told each year around the dinner table when the Christmas trifle was reduced to a creamy blur in grandma’s cut-glass dish. I wonder which sister snaffled that glittery heirloom in the post-funeral bun-rush? All Mum’s tarnished silver teaspoons, green Depression-glass dishes, vintage enamel cookware with chipped edges, all piled in cardboard […]

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LindaAnn LoSchiavo | The Gospel According to Saint Marks Place

“He vas careful driver. Not even vunce he lost vun sheep in my willage. That vas how it vas before the var.” Stories, stories, stories: Mrs. Serafima Ayupova Titomir was always in the middle of some story, real or fancied, bright and strange, embroidered on the plain muslin truth, perhaps for her own amusement but, more often, dictated by feverish guardian angels. “She izz a crrrrazy,” explained my landlady, Mrs. […]

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Tom Bont | Concerning the affairs of Jeremiah James

I am putting to ink the events which took place in the year of our Lord 1967 outside the town of Crockett, Texas. I have refused to discuss this matter with anyone, save God, for the last 50 years. However, as I near the end of my life, I feel posterity will forget the affairs surrounding the disappearance of Jeremiah James when my body settles back into the dust from […]

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