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Sarah Calvello

Sarah Calvello | Memory

remember, if I cut you off its because you gave me the scissors sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory you served me fish soup as tasteless and bare as our distant relationship pieces of white fish floating helplessly and alone in plain green broth too much time has passed we haven’t talked in years nothing then you come force yourself on […]

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Christine Kendall | The Feast

Ravens issue the invitation—a raucous one— throaty voices calling over and over, their circling flight provides the address; some sit on fence posts awaiting their turn but call out—oh, how delectable the feast— in the deep snow a trail of blood, is evidence of the coyote’s last steps near the base of a hill off Upper Beaver Creek.   Party crashers come:  magpies, eagles— the golden takes his place at […]

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Rain Perry

Rain Perry | Yosemite

Behind the backstop And at the breakfast table On the school bus And other assorted torture chambers The temperature drops The snow falls The glacier forms Ten thousand tons of ice Are crushing you Into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind The thaw will come And you will be Yosemite Year by year Hour by hour Insults scrape Lonlinesses scour Leaving erratics And striations A glacial terrain I’ve seen the brightest sparks Glowing […]

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Kent Gerdes

Kent Gerdes | Breaking the Speed of the Sound of Openness

Boy and backpack melting, or so it appeared, through shimmering heat curtains rising off desert sun softened asphalt, Phoenix four Mojave hours to the east.   80 to zero in 18 seconds, Chester, he said, with active eyes in a cherubic face veneered with street-wise, a slender build, pale-reddish skin, a layer of lean hard life over thin bones, steady dark brown eyes with intent when focused, shifting to shy, […]

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