Stephanie Wright | Psalm No. 23


I never took well to following the crowd,
A List or otherwise,
preferring a sideways almost in-between
that kept ’em guessing,
and the thought of flocking to anyone’s staff?
I hear laughter’s good for the soul.

Never wanted really
not for much
nor very often

and if my currents ran swift with few eddies,
I carried the righteous with me,
returning to the source as my cup runneth over;
given the oh-my-gods
Moses should’ve negotiated that first divine law.
Just saying.

I never laid a mortal altar, though I found myself
laid often and with reverence;
never erected an earthly temple either,
though erection and prayer
coincided with a good deal of frequency.
Now you come into the valley

vale of life
womb of the world
well of light.

Fear no evil.

You dwell in the house of the holy,
each day a restoration
and each night the comfort of rod and staff
with your head anointed.


Stephanie Wright

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  1. Rachel Green March 3, 2015 at 2:25 am #

    so beautiful

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