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Bekah Steimel

Bekah Steimel | If I am that born poet

If I am that born poet you speak of then you delivered me with skilled and loving hands cutting me out of the womb of protected insecurity a witness to my unlikely birth result of my unlikely conception the child of flame and sky burning with gratitude flying with the freedom those skilled and loving hands granted me which is the most valuable gift that can ever be given to […]

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Claudine Nash | Growing pains

In the hours after your birth I can’t shake the cold that passes through this recent hollow. I didn’t know that you had been warming my blood all this time, that I would know such a drastic drop in temperature without you even with you asleep on top of me that entire first night and having already lived decades without so much as a sheet. How am I so unaware […]

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George Korolog

George Korolog | The delicate air

Belief was stuffed into the room like thick brittle cake, and all the breath stretched to gather at the concluding notes, the furthest point of a prolonged and tired echo.   The air was swollen with the scent of sour porridge and we wallowed on tip toes, waded through the stories, reverently applying the delicate touch saved only for the dying, with the look, the downward stare of exhausted eyes […]

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M.N. Nagel

M.F. Nagel | Selected poems

A POTLATCH FOR ZOE AMERICA Turn from your nothingness Rise from the ashes Hear the gulls call Each to each.   This is your potlatch Zoe You will have it See I weave the tangled seaweed into blankets.   Here Bite the apple Hard Like Eve before the fall Black-eyed. Orphaned. Drift upon the sea.   Today we Dance and feast and weep and Watch the shaman eat clams.   […]

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