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Gerard Sarnat | Mudita Off the Dharma Seat

“Lord, kiss me once more, fill me with song Allah, kiss me once more that I may, that I may Wear my love like heaven.” — Donovan Let’s knock off an equanamous poem perhaps someone can understand. Uncruel February Sunday. Lovers or friends, Moms and dads teach kids to ride bicycles kindness despite politics. Dogs chase dolphins and Frisbees into the glass waves along the curling of the shore. Old […]

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Robert Beveridge | The Horse You Rode In On and other poems

ALUMINUM A slight chill in the air today as we walk hand in hand down the green hill to Monk’s Point. I pull my jacket tight. We stroll down the path, see children turn somersaults on neat grass. Mothers sit on the rocks, applaud. One lady, close to middle age, smiles at us as if to say “I remember love at nineteen.” A slight chill in the air today as […]

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Tricia Knoll | On what makes home

Angel Today’s angels do not wear tutus or ballerina shoes, carry sparkle wands, braid their hair with feathers or sing soprano. The one I know is trans-gender, has gray hair, wears a paper rose, blends into a crowded train station, and carries peppermints in one trench coat pocket for those who trust that sweets melt differences between people with iron-man tattoos or crosses at their neck. Since few trust, in […]

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Mary Langer Thompson | Koko’s offerings and other poems

Koko’s Offerings For Helen Jung Oh She used to bring gifts to the nearby cathedral– oranges, apples, and sometimes exactly fifty-six dollars. The tiny woman would approach the altar in high platform shoes, black and yellow striped tights and blue eye shadow smudged upward like wings and bow her head, then raise her tightly-wound money scroll high before placing it in the velvet-lined collection plate. Now, behind the doughnut shop […]

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