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Elaine Reardon | Lady Fate

No moon sails alone in the sky the Weaver sits baskets at her feet creel of silk at hand Not one to need company she adjusts and readjusts her lengths of silk eternally balancing Do not come without your incantation Do not come without an offering Spinning life and beyond measured hanks of silk woven now and in-between — Elaine Reardon is a poet, herbalist, educator, and member of the […]

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John C. Mannone | The moon was fazed

I used to pray to the dark And empty space until I saw A sliver of hope among the stars I’d call out to the man in the moon, Where has my lady gone? But he just Winked at me with his banana-wide smile Every night I asked him again, but His smile grew into fat glares, surely He tired of my incessant question After two weeks, he was full […]

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Michael Lee Johnson | MOON poems

Children in the Sky (V2) There is a full moon, distant in this sky tonight, Gray planets planted on an aging, white face. Children, living and dead, love the moon with small hearts. Those in heaven already take gold thread, drop the moon down for us all to see. Those alive with us, look out their bedroom windows tonight, we smile, then prayers, then sleep. *** Moon Sleep (V4) I […]

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M. Stone | You’re a woman now

We all remember that girl the one who developed early in elementary school and bled on her desk seat. We avoided her like she had a disease more scandalous than mono. We dreaded the day our own bodies would betray us. The novelty of “being a woman” faded fast. We scrambled to hide our shame with sweaters wrapped tight around our waists, panties lined with stacked sanitary napkins. Reeking middle […]

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