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We were made for these times

Video from KarmaTube: “Trust.”  Karim Sulayman is an Arab-American tenor from Chicago. Ten days after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Sulayman teamed up with filmmaker Meredith Kaufman Younger to perform a trust experiment. Watch this silent video (set to Sulayman singing Sinead O’Connor’s “In this Heart”) as Sulayman stands blindfolded outside Trump International Hotel in Central Park West in New York City and asks strangers to trust him.

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Movies You Might’ve Missed | Preserving the wild humans–postscript

Children of the Amazon is a multiple award-winning documentary by Brazilian filmmaker Denise Zmekhol, who, in 2010, traveled a modern highway deep into the Amazon in search of the indigenous Surui and Negarote children she had photographed fifteen years before. Her journey tells the story of what happened to life in the largest forest on Earth when a road was built straight through its heart. For countless generations, the Surui and […]

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Movies You Might’ve Missed | Preserving the wild humans

The Great Dance: A hunter’s story is the 2000 documentary by Craig and Damon Foster that tells the story of three !Xo San Bushman hunters who “outrun their thirst” as they track an animal on foot, running for hours through the blazing desert sun, until their exhausted quarry collapses and they can make the final kill. The hunt is much more than just a way of feeding the tribe, however. […]

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Visitors from other realities

Directed by filmmakers James Fox, Tim Coleman and Boris Zubov and narrated by Peter Coyote, Out of the Blue is widely considered one of the best documentary films on UFOs–and its successor, I Know What I Saw, is considered the other. Taking a decidedly scientific—versus science fiction—approach, the film begins with calculations by respected physicists of the number of intelligent civilizations probable in the cosmos, forcing the realization that the likelihood […]

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