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Movies You Might’ve Missed | Preserving the wild humans

The Great Dance: A hunter’s story is the 2000 documentary by Craig and Damon Foster that tells the story of three !Xo San Bushman hunters who “outrun their thirst” as they track an animal on foot, running for hours through the blazing desert sun, until their exhausted quarry collapses and they can make the final kill. The hunt is much more than just a way of feeding the tribe, however. […]

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Visitors from other realities

Directed by filmmakers James Fox, Tim Coleman and Boris Zubov and narrated by Peter Coyote, Out of the Blue is widely considered one of the best documentary films on UFOs–and its successor, I Know What I Saw, is considered the other. Taking a decidedly scientific—versus science fiction—approach, the film begins with calculations by respected physicists of the number of intelligent civilizations probable in the cosmos, forcing the realization that the likelihood […]

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She lives | Movies that celebrate the divine feminine

Avatar is the movie that immediately springs to mind when considering a film portrayal of a goddess-centered culture. As the highest-grossing film of all time, however, and the winner of three Academy Awards, it’s doubtful that few of The MOON’s readers have missed seeing Avatar. If you’re one of them, it’s worth seeing on several levels. Less well-known are the following three goddess-invoking features: Goddess Remembered is a 1989 Canadian […]

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Movies You Might’ve Missed | Rethinking human waste

Although there’s a lot of crap in Hollywood, there aren’t many films being made on the subject–at least that we can recommend. One of the most memorable scenes in Slumdog Millionaire is the one, eleven minutes into the film, where young Jamal is trapped in an outhouse by his older brother, just as the movie star he idolizes is being helicoptered into the neighborhood. So powerful is Jamal’s desire to get an autograph that he […]

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