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Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson | What Boys Need

WHAT BOYS NEED, FIRST AND FOREMOST, is to be seen through a different lens than tradition prescribes. Individually, and as a culture, we must discard the distorted view of boys that ignores or denies their capacity for feelings, the view that colors even boys’ perceptions of themselves as above or outside a life of emotions. We must recognize the harm in asking “too much and not enough” of them—in demanding […]

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Michael Gurian | Jack and the Beanstalk

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a mother and a son named Jack. Jack was becoming older and his mother thought, “Well, it’s time to give him a little more responsibility. Our cow is getting old and no longer gives milk. I’ll ask Jack to take the cow to the market and sell her.” Jack and his mother were poor people, so this was a big responsibility. If Jack failed, […]

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Brian J. Doyle

Brian J. Doyle | We Did

DID WE PUNCH AND HAMMER AND JAB EACH OTHER as children thrashing and rambling a large family in a small house filled with brothers and one older sister with sharp bony fists and no reluctance to use them? We did. Did we use implements like long whippy maple branches and mom’s bamboo garden poles and dad’s old sagging tennis rackets and redolent pieces of oozy lumber stolen from the new […]

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Julia Poole

Julia Poole | Wrestling with Myself

ON A WINTER EVENING, I sat in my parked 4Runner, alone. From the radio, Top 40 tunes droned. Blowing snow swirled around bundled parents walking from the parking lot toward the high school building. No sense waiting any longer. After dreading this night for days, I rallied the courage to move. Slamming the 4 Runner door, I crunched across the snow-covered parking lot and then hustled through the door. A […]

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