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Make it rain | Shamanism for our times

“Shamanism…really? “With all that we’ve got to be concerned about, you’re devoting an entire issue of The MOON to shamanism? “Well then, you’d better make it rain.” The above might have been my response to this month’s theme just 10 short years ago. I had little patience with poncho-wearing, rattle-shaking, indigenous wannabes claiming to be shamans. I’ve since come to think that shamanism might be the most urgent topic on […]

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Shamanism movies for our times

Healing the Luminous Body: The Way of the Shaman, is an introduction to the work of Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., who walked away from a career in medical research to live and study among the Inka and Q’ero shamans of the Andes and Amazon. Upon his return to the States, Villoldo founded The Four Winds Society and the Light Body School, both of which distill shamanic energy teachings into a framework […]

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Shamanism for our times

“The door to the soul is unlocked; you do not need to please the doorkeeper, the door in front of you is yours, intended for you, and the doorkeeper obeys when spoken to.” – Robert Bly “Shamans are people who deal with the tears and holes we create in the net of life, the damage that we all cause in our search for survival. In a sense, all of us […]

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Rick Blum | Rain man for hire

Over the last few years we’ve experienced some of the most extreme weather since the fabled “year without a summer” of 1816. From a record number of floods nationwide in 2016, to six years of drought conditions across California that finally relented this year, people are unsure if we’re experiencing the predicted consequences of global warming or just the beginning of the apocalypse. At least in 1816 the dramatic weather […]

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