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The white issue | Exploring the story of race

Those of us who are white seldom think about ourselves in terms of race; that’s for people of color. Yes, we know which box to check on demographic forms, but we tend to think of white as the “default setting,” the “normal” human, the race that sets the standards of beauty, morality, and behavior—albeit not explicitly. “Being over-exposed to white people and under-exposed to everyone else,” it’s just what we’ve […]

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Paul R. Davis | Looking into a house

The lights were on, so I looked in the window. I saw Uncle Sam in his torn underwear, swilling cheap beer and scarfing a bag of chips. The walls were bare, the furniture tattered, Lady Liberty scrubbed the floor. The 500 foot TV screamed lies and news, but wait, aren’t they both the same? Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty went to bed that night while the Orange Haired Man sat […]

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Movies You Might’ve Missed | Others I have known

At least half a dozen excellent films have chronicled various aspects of the world’s current refugee crisis–from mainstream releases like The Good Lie, to the independent documentaries reviewed here. All are recommended. The Crossing is a first-hand account of the perilous journey made by a group of Syrian refugees who traverse one sea, two continents, and five countries in search of a home far from the war and persecution of their own country. […]

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Irena Ioannou | Poems from Crete, Greece

No Heroes Here Our paths cross every morning. I am leaving for work. She returns. At first she wore her hair tightly coiled, and sported purple overalls. Now she knows better. I imagine her behind half-closed curtains studying our clothes, our hair, our habits, when it’s safe to go out, when to stay in. I never see her in the neighborhood. She must be smart. She is my size, only […]

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