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Jonathan Woolson | Facing truth

These are our choices, that we choose to continue, …and the results of our choices, that we make every day…   …and the fragmented limbs and bodies of South Sudanese, Syrian, Israeli, and Gazan children, …and the Right of Return is ground into the pulverized dust of Palestine’s concrete and bricks, …and the hungry multitudes left behind by the “free market,” …and the energy-hungry multitudes of house lights and street […]

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Paul R. Davis | Scream the Beloved World

Open your mouth and scream! Scream for the warmth of the sun, scream for the oceans’ water, scream for the air you breathe. Scream against all the futile wars, scream for the fallen young, scream against the profiteers. Scream against the ones who make the laws we cannot live by. Scream for the Founding Fathers twisting in their graves. Scream for Gaza, Scream for Sudan, Scream for the bleeding Balkans, […]

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