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Atonement | The Power of Making Amends

Atonement…it’s not a word we use much in everyday conversation. Those of us who are “recovering” Catholics or Protestants resist the notion drummed into us since childhood that we are “sinful” and need to “repent” to satisfy a wrathful or pristinely remote God. Conversely, many still-faithful Christians feel no need to “atone.” After all, Christ did that for them. How could they hope to improve upon His ultimate sacrifice? Jews […]

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Death | The future we seldom speak of

Griefwalker is a documentary by director Tim Wilson about the work of Stephen Jenkinson, for years the leader of a palliative care counseling team at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital. Through his work in “the death trade,” as he calls it, Jenkinson has presided at the deathbed of more than 1,000 people where, too often, he witnessed a “wretched anxiety and an existential terror” even when there was no pain. As […]

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Bill Arnott | Death of a boy, a father, a friend

Burial of a Boy in 1979 Black, dreamless sky plummeting rain twelve-year-old me pulled from two a.m. sleep dad at my bed. Sobbing (but dad never cries) My best friend killed on our rural road, struck by a driver, he slogged through downpour, woke dad confessed to spaniel slaughter disappeared in deluge Through dark sheets of wet dad gathers the fur snapped lump carries it/her home, digs a hole with […]

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Anna Cates | Selected poems

THE EMPTY URN how large the moons seems sinking low on the horizon as if weighted by all our sorrow to ride the mountain’s back voiceless silhouette like Quasimodo the hump lasts only a minute then lets go surrendering to dusk how strange our twilight beginnings and final demise ending in the same apothecary blues flecked with stars we open with a flower’s softness take the rain harden like an […]

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