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Ron L. Dowell | Weed Killers

We’re being lied to about cannabis, marijuana, weed, ganja, chronic, or whatever the fuck you want to call it, some arguing for its medicinal value, assuming that everyone must be sick and in need of a cure, others figuring how to monetize it by substituting clear thinking with a foul, smoky fog, falsely proposing that art’s created through your subjugated brain, a brain seeking something ever more exhilarating, more powerful […]

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Margaret Karmazin

Margaret Karmazin | The least he can do

He knew he was a mess and he knew they had expected him to “pull himself up by the boot straps,” but none of them understood. It was like he ran on another track than those people, one with a high wall along both sides and no way to stop the movement of his vehicle, let alone climb over the walls. A while back, there’d been a moment, maybe a […]

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Charles Edwards | Ghost

Chrissy sat on the bed and held the little plastic baggie with the white powder in it and an illustration of the stereotypical ghost in a white sheet printed on one side of the baggie. She let out a sigh upon realizing what this was. There was a history of drug use in her family. Her father had drank himself to an early death. Her mother had used barbiturates – […]

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Charles Joseph Albert | Monsieur de Beaugdan’s Engagement

Louis de Beaugdan shifted uneasily in his desk as he looked through his neat, patent-leather Daytimer. A wave of nausea battered against the rotted wood pier of his being but he could not pinpoint the source. Another glance at his watch: two more hours before the office closed…. He sighed with resignation. He would bide his time. He was a fonctionnaire, a bureaucrat, and what was two hours of inert […]

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