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Yet-to-be-named-network | Racial healing and climate justice

Deeply aware of our imperfections, and of the humbling enormity of the crises humanity is facing, we are nonetheless determined to act. As we move forward, we pledge to listen, learn, experiment, and grow; to make our mistakes, adapt, and try, try again. We are but one element in an expansive movement ecosystem, a “movement of movements”, each part of which is essential. Within this vast movement ecosystem, our network […]

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What happens after tragedy? Forgiveness…

On one awful night in 1995, Ples Felix’s 14-year-old grandson murdered Azim Khamisa’s son in a gang initiation fueled by drugs, alcohol and a false sense of belonging. The deadly encounter sent Khamisa and Felix down paths of deep meditation, to forgive and to be forgiven — and in an act of bravery and reconciliation, the two men met and forged a lasting bond. Together, they’ve used their story as […]

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Atonement | Movies You Might’ve Missed

Long Night’s Journey into Day documents the work of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission after 40 years of apartheid. Although it would be a gross overstatement to say that blacks and whites in South Africa are now reconciled, the Truth and Reconciliation process is credited with returning many individuals to society–enabling them to apologize for the actions to the families of victims they harmed. Ironically, the process was also the first that many […]

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Gerard Sarnat | Silverlining theory lovingkindness opportunity

Saturday mornings early like 5 AM I drive to Ems’ to babysit Liav while daughter plus her husband sleep-in. About 9:15 I pop grandson in their bed, head to close-by Vipassana mindfulness meditation center hall where rearmost floor zafus and folding chairs left unoccupied are near front door which is labeled, Go Around Side So as NOT to disturb sangha sitters. But inevitably inattentive others arriving late either don’t notice […]

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