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Beyond capitalism | Economics for people and planet

What will it take to create an economy that works for everyone? An economy that promotes equality, ensures that everyone has access to the basics—food, shelter, healthcare, education, and a way to contribute their gifts and talents—and preserves a livable environment, for humans and for the diverse array of species that enrich our lives and perform countless environmental services? Capitalism gets a bad rap in some circles, while socialism gets […]

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Gwendolyn Hallsmith | OMMMM–A mantra for a caring economy

In thinking about an easy way to remember all the things that need to change in order to transform our current economic systems and structures, which cause and perpetuate violence, inequality, and environmental catastrophe, I came up with this mnemonic tool for transformation. OMMMM stands for Ownership, Money, Markets, Management, and Metrics. These systems are embedded in the laws, customs, regulations, and practices that warp and twist the economy to […]

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Jennifer Freed | The Distance

The distance between the desire to be ahead of where we are and the embrace of self-acceptance can feel insurmountable Feelings are not like river stones They cannot be skipped Each subtle granule of emotion wants its own voice and reflection Every nuanced perception calls for contemplation Suffering through the seemingly endless moments of torpid growth can test even the most patient among us But racing ahead without proper footing […]

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Cottonwood 2017_cropped

Joe Cottonwood | Wells Fargo Bank

Noon, I’m next in line behind an old man. “I want to withdraw fourteen dollars,” he says. The teller, a young woman with a soft sweater, says “There’s only—let me check—yes—fifty-two cents.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” She tilts her head. “Sorry.” The sorrow is genuine. He wears a pinstripe suit, frayed, wafting an ancient odor of smoke and earth. A smartly folded handkerchief, breast pocket, has a dark stain. His […]

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