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Paula Norris Mestayer | Is addiction a choice or a disease?

So, what is this molecule [NAD+] with the power to heal? How does it work? Where does it come from and how important is it? Why do we see such remarkable, “too good to be true” outcomes with our patients? What do we need to convince the skeptics and be embraced by the American Medical Association? Empirical evidence! Large-scale, double-blind studies, or peer-accepted, reproducible laboratory results showing the one or […]

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Food designed to addict

Nicholas Powers | Society of Addiction

I waited three months to eat a Krispy Kreme. I mean I waited. Every week or so, I take the train to Penn Station, quickly zigzagging through crowds. And every time I have the same internal monologue — Don’t stop at the Krispy Kreme. Don’t give yourself diabetes. Seriously, you might as well inject Elmer’s glue straight into your heart. But then I saw the store, bright and beautiful and […]

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Tulsi Gabbard | My spiritual path

I was raised in a multi-faith family studying both the Christian and Hindu scriptures. We observed Christmas and Janmastami (the birth of Jesus and the birth of Krishna). So my two primary sources of inspiration, spiritual comfort, and illumination come from the New Testament, and the Bhagavad Gita (the song of God), the ancient Hindu scripture spoken over 5000 years ago.  I realized that the essence of these two great […]

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Marianne Williamson | Why we need a Department of Peace

The only way to make peace with your neighbors is to make peace with your neighbors. I believe that if, over the last 50 years, more people around the world had seen the American flag decal on schools, hospitals, roads and so forth — as opposed to military installations and other material support for regimes in their countries which they themselves know not to be democratic — then we would […]

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