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Free at last | Lessons learned behind bars

The United States is the incarceration capital of the world. According to statistics gathered by the International Center for Prison Studies, the U.S. incarcerates 724 people per 100,000, or an astounding 2.3 million people. That’s substantially more than second-place Russia, which incarcerates a “mere” 615 per 100,000. The irony, of course, is that Americans consider themselves “the land of the free,” while Russia is, you know, a police state. To put these […]

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Beyond capitalism | Economics for people and planet

What will it take to create an economy that works for everyone? An economy that promotes equality, ensures that everyone has access to the basics—food, shelter, healthcare, education, and a way to contribute their gifts and talents—and preserves a livable environment, for humans and for the diverse array of species that enrich our lives and perform countless environmental services? Capitalism gets a bad rap in some circles, while socialism gets […]

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Indigenous leadership

This issue of The MOON celebrates contemporary Indigenous leaders—men and women who are working within their own communities and reaching out to us all to right past wrongs and heal continuing trauma being inflicted on Mother Earth and all our relations. Although Indigenous leaders have always been with us, what strikes me about our current moment in history is that non-Natives at last seem willing to listen, and follow, the […]

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Return to our roots | The permaculture plan for saving the planet

Permaculture is an ethics- and ecology-based system for designing sustainable human food and habitation systems. First articulated by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, permaculture espouses three foundational principles: Care for the planet, care for the people, and share the surplus. How to do that is further explained with recommendations such as, “Observe and interact.” (After all, nature has provided working models all around us.) “Produce no waste.” (Nature doesn’t. One species’ waste […]

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