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Oh, the shame! | Exploring our uniquely human emotion

Who knew? Shame is a hot topic! The MOON received more submissions for this issue than any in our four-year history. Although most of the submissions describe personal incidents of shame or embarrassment, my own motivation in exploring this topic was actually more universal. As a society, we in the U.S. seem loathe to acknowledge any guilt, regret, or wrongdoing, even though our history is replete with shameful incidents—the legacy […]

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Scuplture by Evgeniy Vuchetich in the United Nations Art Collection

Swords into plowshares | Developing a literacy of peace

How do we build a more peaceful world and heal the wounds that seem to divide us? Initially, this month’s issue of The MOON was to explore “Swords into plowshares | Envisioning a new role for the military.” My hope was to begin a conversation about transitioning to a peacetime economy—because if we aren’t even talking about it, we certainly aren’t planning for it. But our interview this month with West […]

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‘Others I have known | Immigrants and refugees among us

The United States is a nation of immigrants and refugees. Founded by Anglo-Saxon transplants, our country has been enriched throughout its history by a steady stream of “others” who have contributed everything from hot dogs and pizza to fireworks, karate, salsa–the condiment and the dance–yogurt, hummus, meditation, tacos, pierogis, and yoga. Famous Americans who were once refugees include Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein, iconic actor Charlie Chaplin, martial arts champion Bruce Lee, […]

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The white issue | Exploring the story of race

Those of us who are white seldom think about ourselves in terms of race; that’s for people of color. Yes, we know which box to check on demographic forms, but we tend to think of white as the “default setting,” the “normal” human, the race that sets the standards of beauty, morality, and behavior—albeit not explicitly. “Being over-exposed to white people and under-exposed to everyone else,” it’s just what we’ve […]

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