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December Moon Shine

It’s not the end of the world. Mother Earth will be fine, even as the polar ice melts, the oceans rise and the storms rage. She’s been through this many times. There is an edgy buildup of fear in the collective mind, but that’s just an old collective wound presenting itself for healing.  As a species, we have a choice: repeat a self-destructive, catastrophic world-ending scenario; or come to our […]

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Armando sanchez

Armando Sanchez: The wave has arrived

“The 2012 election was certainly a banner year for Latinos. Yet, Latinos’ impact wasn’t really a surprise…We’re the largest and fastest-growing minority. If it weren’t for Latinos, the U.S. 18-49 demographic would decline over the next decade–which would be a disaster for funding Social Security, Medicare, and national infrastructure investments, as well as for filling the future job market.” The Moon: Has the 2012 general election ushered in a new […]

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The Illuminated Gate

By Jennifer Freed The gold dust has settled The fairies have made their appearances through the rainbow coalition Now the wheel of fortune is spinning with a thousand tiny fingers scrambling toward different fates Time to enlist thy transformative possibilities Angels are waiting to assist The hunger for good has to triumph all doubt and greed The thirst for justice has to quash all power plays The joy of expression […]

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An image from Waste Land, the movie

Waste Land: an inspirational film about the transformative power of art

In this multiple award-winning film, contemporary artist Vik Muniz returns to his native Brazil to photograph the lives of catadores–entrepreneurial garbage pickers in the world’s largest landfill, Jardim Gramacho, on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. As Muniz gets to know and collaborate with his subjects, we witness the transformational power of art at work and experience the beauty and dignity of even these “lowliest” of workers. “That a beautiful […]

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