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Kim Brookes | Ways to the end

According to family lore, I will follow my elders into a long life. When I was born, I had three great-grandmothers, each of whom lived into her nineties. My grandmother passed away when she was one hundred years old. Until she fell, when she was ninety eight, my Nana had a clear mind, still drove a bit, and lived alone. Unable to get at-home services in rural Maine, within months, […]

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Gerald R. Stanek | Skylight

“How long is this corridor, anyway?” he asked. The attendant said nothing but continued to lead the way. A thick fog rolled along the floor, as if billowing from a hidden smoke machine. “Do you not have any feet? Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you don’t. A lot of people have special needs, and that’s okay. It’s just… I can’t see them, and I can’t feel my […]

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Death | The future we seldom speak of

“If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?” — Stephen Levine “These markings of the year, of the cycle of birth, early growth, fertility, ripening, reaping, decay, death, and then rebirth again, are vital to both our psychic and our physical health. To our psychic health because they […]

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Joe Cottonwood | On death and spirit

On a Gurney Lies my Father naked, white, stone cold dead with a disinfectant smell like kerosene. I must identify the body, a man I almost hate, before they cremate. A scientist, he should be burned in a lab coat. When life departs, the body is a basic fact, calm and beautiful. ‘Yes, it’s him,’ I say, though it isn’t. He’s gone. Flesh dies. Spirit lives. Next day from the […]

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