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Movies You Might’ve Missed | Rethinking human waste

Although there’s a lot of crap in Hollywood, there aren’t many films being made on the subject–at least that we can recommend. One of the most memorable scenes in Slumdog Millionaire is the one, eleven minutes into the film, where young Jamal is trapped in an outhouse by his older brother, just as the movie star he idolizes is being helicoptered into the neighborhood. So powerful is Jamal’s desire to get an autograph that he […]

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You don’t know shit | February 2015 MOON Shine

“Nature creates no waste; it is a genuine human invention. In nature nothing and nobody goes to waste because the definition of an ecosystem is a system of cooperative and symbiotic relationships; the discards of a process are the input for another one. All energy used is renewable and non-polluting and all resources are obtained in the vicinity using non-extractive, low-energy-intensive techniques. Processes take place at normal local temperatures and […]

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