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Mitch Toews | The Toboggan Run

Hart’s breath hangs in the air around his head and the sunshine makes splinters of floating ice into glinting flashes, gone in an instant. His long woolen scarf, creased canvas parka and red toque are all hoary with frost. Heavy leather work mitts, wet and steaming, cover his hands. After first laying out a winding trail in the snow and marking its course with twigs, he sets to stamping and […]

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Gerald Stanek

Gerald Stanek | Exile

“So what’s your story?” “My story?” “Yes. How did you end up here?” “Haven’t I always been here?” “You know what I mean.” “Yes, but you know my story,” I reminded, “Everyone’s got their tale of woe.” “Tell me yours.” “Whatever for?” I protested. “Mine’s no different than anyone else’s.” “It’s important that you speak it.” “I’d prefer not to perpetuate it.” And I meant it. It seemed like a […]

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Robert Beveridge | The Horse You Rode In On and other poems

ALUMINUM A slight chill in the air today as we walk hand in hand down the green hill to Monk’s Point. I pull my jacket tight. We stroll down the path, see children turn somersaults on neat grass. Mothers sit on the rocks, applaud. One lady, close to middle age, smiles at us as if to say “I remember love at nineteen.” A slight chill in the air today as […]

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Rabbi Michael Lerner | A world based on generosity

“If you don’t create a world based on loving your neighbor, loving the stranger, and pursuing justice and peace, the world won’t work. There will be an environmental crisis; the rain won’t fall, the sun won’t shine, the earth won’t yield produce, and humans and animals will be in great trouble. Built into the structure of the universe is the necessity of caring for each other and treating each other […]

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