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Bo Lozoff

Bo Lozoff | You can do hard

“Success is a series of glorious defeats.”  – Mahatma Gandhi The deep, wonderful secrets of life, the mysterious presence of the Divine, the joy of cherishing each other, the beauty of nature, the satisfaction of helping out, our journey into Ageless Wisdom–all exist only in our everyday life. There is no bigger ball field on which to find meaning. It’s either right here today, or it’s nowhere. We seem to be […]

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Chiliwist Jim

Spencer Martin: In this universe, all things are connected

Spencer Martin, whose Indian name is Se Olum, has survived virtually every tragedy that can befall a human being.  His people, the Methow, were driven from the valley named after them less than three months (July 2, 1872) after the United States government officially granted them the right to it (April 9, 1872). Martin was born to an alcoholic mother and a father he never knew, and was raised to […]

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Malidoma Somé: Once upon a time, the West too was indigenous

Malidoma Somé was given his name by his village elders while he was still in his mother’s womb.  Malidoma means one who “makes friends with the stranger/enemy.”  Thus, Malidoma’s destiny was written before he was born, although he was left to discover the details on his own. When Malidoma was a small boy he was taken from his village by a Jesuit priest and brought to a boarding school more […]

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