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Preserving the wild human | An interview with Dr. Louis Herman

Dr. Louis G. Herman is a professor of political science at the University of Hawai‘i – West O‘ahu and the author of Future Primal: How Our Wilderness Origins Show Us the Way Forward, which reviewers have called “a stunning book that responds to the multiple crises of globalized humanity by recovering the classical project of political philosophy as the search for the best way to live.” Born into an orthodox […]

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Movies You Might’ve Missed | Preserving the wild humans

The Great Dance: A hunter’s story is the 2000 documentary by Craig and Damon Foster that tells the story of three !Xo San Bushman hunters who “outrun their thirst” as they track an animal on foot, running for hours through the blazing desert sun, until their exhausted quarry collapses and they can make the final kill. The hunt is much more than just a way of feeding the tribe, however. […]

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Louis Herman | Those who never left

SOME SIXTY THOUSAND YEARS AGO, when modern humans moved out of Africa and eventually colonized every habitable continent on the planet, some humans remained in southern Africa. Their direct descendants are the San Bushmen, who until recently lived a traditional hunting-gathering way of life in the great Kalahari Desert covering eastern Namibia, northern South Africa and much of Botswana. After decades of intense debate among scholars as to the origin […]

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Helen Dziadulewicz | Inspiration from the animal spirits

I have always felt most comfortable in nature, whether on top of a mountain, under the sea or anywhere in between.  In nature I found the sacred and stumbled across a spiritual path that felt good. Having an innate respect and love for our planet, I had been attracted to the Earth-based wisdom teachings of indigenous cultures for many years before stepping onto the path in the Laika tradition of […]

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