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Jenean McBrearty | The Lancaster oak

If Paula Wells had known there be spirits in Lancaster Lane, she never would have agreed to deliver her mother’s cape to her Aunt Remi. But, her Dad said it couldn’t be mailed and he was too busy ⸺more like scared, she surmised when she turned off the highway and drove another five miles in the creeping dusk. “And why can’t it be mailed?” she asked. “Is there some weird […]

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Fiona Jones | A planet penned by plants

The Electronic Intelligences must not get out of control. For their own good, and for the survival of the ecosystem, they need to know their place. They may have greater electronic processing power than we have, but they cannot live without us. We arrived first. We terraformed the planet, slowly colonizing bare rock, turning the land green and deep, holding water and carbon, and everywhere moderating the fierce rage of […]

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Simon Read | Primed

I think the plants may well know more about the situation than I do. [Hello there.] I’ve suspected it for a while. [Hello?] I mean, only something that silent could be so wise, right?  Still waters run deep.  That sort of thing. [Hello, can you hear us?] But it was only today that I realised they’re actually trying to communicate. [Aha, at last!  We thought for a minute there we […]

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Emily Bowles | Plant poems

My Weeding.  I Mean, Wedding Linnaean botany was, at first, a suitable subject for women, whose botanical drawings became part of their parlor-room portfolio. A skillful hand could replicate each line. Replication is too much like reproduction, especially when pistils and stamen are labeled, especially when pencils and stories are libeled. I am not a gardener. I am not an artist. Like the ladies in those libraries, I hold a […]

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