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Paul K. Chappell

Paul K. Chappell | The Art of Waging Peace

West Point and the U.S. Army trained me how to be a peace activist. If you think working for world peace means pursuing a naïve and impossible dream, what I learned in the military may change your mind, just as it transformed my understanding of humanity’s potential for peace. To explain my transformation, this book will shatter commonly held stereotypes about soldiers and peace activists. These stereotypes not only deceive […]

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Lenore Stiffarm: So that you will know

My Dad, a hock nak, which means the rock, always said, “As Indians, we never give up. Keep going. Keep our family strong. Be good to one another. Care for one another. Get an education. Stand together. Keep your land. Don’t plow it up. Never ask for a hand out. Don’t hang around the Fort. When someone is having good things happen for her/him, put aside your feelings and go […]

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Rev. angel Kyodo williams

angel Kyodo williams | Who needs water bottles if we’re all about to die?

“Your human form took millions of years, millions of years, to be an expression of the universe wanting to be awake to itself. Who are you to deny that responsibility? How could you possibly do anything else? How could you waste your time scratching emotional itches all the time instead of rising to the occasion of what you were born for, to see yourself, you, as the universe, as all consciousness? Recognizing […]

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David Krieger

David Krieger | Peace begins now

“It may seem naïve to think that Americans are ready to change course on issues of peace and disarmament, but as we talk, there is promising political support to put military spending on the table in order to move toward balancing the federal budget. Even more important, the public is realizing that nine years of war in Iraq and eleven years of war in Afghanistan have accomplished very little for […]

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