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Brian J. Doyle | The Lutheran minister’s daughter

Her name was Fairly, which she also spelled Fairlee and Fairli, and which people misspelled in every sort of way, like Fairley and Farley and Fairy and Ferry, and of course her brothers called her every sort of mangle of her name, Furry and Flurry and Fatty and Flatty, mostly from affection but sometimes not; one of the first things she learned as a child was that even people who […]

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James Patrick Johnson | Beyond death

This is the story of the beginning of a journey; my journey.  Because of one unspeakably horrible experience in my life nearly thirty years ago, I have gone to places, done things, and worked with people I never dared dream possible. One life-changing event altered and expanded my humanity in ways that language, at least my language, cannot adequately describe. Even if human language was perfect and fully expressed every […]

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Lenore Stiffarm: Reflections from Dry Lake

It is night time in the winter at Dry Lake. There is a full moon out. We are riding through the snow. Dad has hooked up the team of horses, Prince and Cooney, to the sleigh. Blankets are thrown on top of us. It is as if we are floating through the field. We can see our breath in the moonlight. It is cold, but we are warm. There is […]

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David Krieger

David Krieger | Peace begins now

“It may seem naïve to think that Americans are ready to change course on issues of peace and disarmament, but as we talk, there is promising political support to put military spending on the table in order to move toward balancing the federal budget. Even more important, the public is realizing that nine years of war in Iraq and eleven years of war in Afghanistan have accomplished very little for […]

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