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Homeless Family Finds Help in Seattle’s Tent City 3

Josiah, Tricia and their son live in Tent City 3, a city-sanctioned tent community in Seattle. Around 70 homeless people call Tent City 3 home. In an ideal world, tent communities should not exist because homeless services should be able to get everyone into housing. But since we don’t live in a perfect world and there is a severe lack of housing and shelter beds, sanctioned tent cites provide invaluable […]

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Christie Munson Muller | Red Walker

June 2018 “Would you like some water?” I was a bit hesitant to approach her. She smiled and took the bottled water I’d bought at the gas station across the street. The sides of her face crinkled upward around the edges of her black sunglasses. I was surprised she smiled at all. Her black sleeveless tank top was stained with sweat. Her wrinkled, but pretty, flowered skirt flapped in the […]

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Bob Findysz | The hag

sits on a bench across from the pharmacy—bent, wrapped in dark from toe to crown, a shriveled olive. Suddenly she lunges toward a turnstile set between outside the drugstore and in. Auto-piloting down one of the mall’s pathways, caught in cobwebs of thought, I realize we are heading for the same point about to collide. As I downshift to let her pass, she opens the barrier for a very pregnant […]

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