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Searching for Sugarman tells the story of two South African music fans—Stephen Segerman and Craig Bartholomew Strydom—who decide to investigate the disappearance of American singer-songwriter, Sixto Rodriguez, whose music had been the soundtrack to the anti-apartheid movement thirty years earlier. The search is instigated when the men discover that most American music-lovers had never heard of Sugarman, while the story in South Africa is that he had gone out in a […]

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Sarah Westwood

Sarah Westwood | My recently completed heartbreak collection

Brendan, Jeff, Kris, Lorenzo, Joey, John, Evan, Matt, Kyle, and Dan. These are the men in my curio cabinet of romance, men who each elicited some sort of feeling strong enough to brand his name on my heart. Some of them were perfectly lovely, some unnecessarily disrespectful, some criminally clueless, and some simply cruel. For now, I’ve locked the door on this cabinet of curiosities and stowed the key. Currently, […]

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