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Paula Norris Mestayer | Is addiction a choice or a disease?

So, what is this molecule [NAD+] with the power to heal? How does it work? Where does it come from and how important is it? Why do we see such remarkable, “too good to be true” outcomes with our patients? What do we need to convince the skeptics and be embraced by the American Medical Association? Empirical evidence! Large-scale, double-blind studies, or peer-accepted, reproducible laboratory results showing the one or […]

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Jim George | Lars the Cereal Killer

He deedn’t even stomp to brash his teath. He deedn’t even reed the moaning news. He woodn’t even pawse to calm his hair. He woodn’t even tight his seddle shoes. Rite from his bed to his beakfirst bowl, Fueled to the broom with those Lacky Charms. He cudn’t gut enough of that cereal; An umpty box mad him uppity in arms. “Wad’s not to like?” Lars asked humself, “Mushmellows maxed […]

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Ed Ahern | The Wayfarer

The waking’s spun with webs of urgent lure And sleep is shriveled dreaming marred by fear. The life allows the walker nothing sure Or level path to others once held dear. But many grasp at getting days with hope And moments still and without vice and shame. A little space to reassess and cope, A quiet calm of mind, a gentle flame. Yet many cast themselves aside and rot And […]

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Food designed to addict

Nicholas Powers | Society of Addiction

I waited three months to eat a Krispy Kreme. I mean I waited. Every week or so, I take the train to Penn Station, quickly zigzagging through crowds. And every time I have the same internal monologue — Don’t stop at the Krispy Kreme. Don’t give yourself diabetes. Seriously, you might as well inject Elmer’s glue straight into your heart. But then I saw the store, bright and beautiful and […]

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