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Margaret Karmazin

Margaret Karmazin | Redecorating

I lived two years as a female before surviving my surgery and now look good enough to draw catcalls from the street boys. Though born a male, my mind and soul are those of a straight female. Traditional and romantic, what I’ve always wanted is what women used to want in Lucy’s & Desi’s day: a wedding in a white dress (or cream in my case; white washes me out) […]

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Melodie Corrigall | Margaret the Magnificent

MARGARET IS NESTLED BESIDE HER HUSBAND, her exhausted mind whirling with images.  She envisions her huge-bellied body mounted, like a golden figurehead, on an ancient galleon. She is Margaret the Magnificent, skimming across the metallic lake – hair biting her neck, sails snapping against the mast. Wallop. The heavy mast smashes her stomach, hurling her backwards into blackness. Falling, falling into the void, slammed like a doomed fish, on the […]

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Lance Manion

Lance Manion | Dream home

The story starts in the driveway. I could tell you volumes about what transpired previous to your visiting but this story starts in the driveway. As you’ve come to expect from the homes in your price range, the driveway is beautiful. Long and winding and chock full of ancient trees and fountains. The long driveway will give you a minute to process what I’m about to say to you. If […]

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Tony Brown

Tony Wayne Brown | For Mama

The destroyer is rockin’ as the top sergeant screams, “Hit the nets and give ’em hell, boys!” I toss my foldin’ money overboard so’s I can double-cross bad luck, but watchin’ it flutter down to the sea makes me realize I’ll be stone-broke if’n I should happen to survive this day. My stomach was already tied up in knots enough, what with the impending assault on a strongly-fortified hunk of […]

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