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David Krieger

David Krieger | Peace begins now

“It may seem naïve to think that Americans are ready to change course on issues of peace and disarmament, but as we talk, there is promising political support to put military spending on the table in order to move toward balancing the federal budget. Even more important, the public is realizing that nine years of war in Iraq and eleven years of war in Afghanistan have accomplished very little for […]

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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Rev. Angela Peregoff | You are meant to be here now

It is the destiny of humanity to meet, greet and partner consciously with the deep wisdom of the Heart of all Universal Creation and to heal the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral, etheric and karmic wounds created over the past 14,000 years. None of us can possibly anticipate what each new day will bring. What a great turning point in history! The grace in the whole experience is that you […]

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Rabbi Michael Lerner

Rabbi Michael Lerner | A world based on generosity

“If you don’t create a world based on loving your neighbor, loving the stranger, and pursuing justice and peace, the world won’t work. There will be an environmental crisis; the rain won’t fall, the sun won’t shine, the earth won’t yield produce, and humans and animals will be in great trouble. Built into the structure of the universe is the necessity of caring for each other and treating each other […]

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December Moon Shine

It’s not the end of the world. Mother Earth will be fine, even as the polar ice melts, the oceans rise and the storms rage. She’s been through this many times. There is an edgy buildup of fear in the collective mind, but that’s just an old collective wound presenting itself for healing.  As a species, we have a choice: repeat a self-destructive, catastrophic world-ending scenario; or come to our […]

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